Water Table Depth Data Plotting/Download

Water Table Depth data included in this visualization and aggregation tool are associated with the USDA-NIFA funded project: "Cropping Systems Coordinated Agricultural Project: Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation in Corn-based Cropping Systems." (Award No. 2011-68002-30190).

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Plotting of data may not occur if the time period selected is more than ~700 days. This is due to the amount of data overwhelming the user’s web browser and failing to load. Select a shorter time span if you run into this problem. Long time periods can be selected without problems if only exporting the data.

Pro Tip: Click the legend name to de/select data series. To zoom in, click and drag your mouse within the plot frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are timezones handled?
    The timestamps presented should be valid for the local time zone of the sensor and are daylight saving time aware. The daily aggregates should compute the daily summaries in the time zone of the station.

Observation Site Collection Interval

This table lists the observation time interval at each site:

[IA] SERF       60 minute  n=5 years; 2011 to 2015
[IN] DPAC       60 minute  n=5 years; 2011 to 2015
[OH] STJOHNS    60 minute  n=5 years; 2011 to 2015